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From the moment of CRAFT bearings establishment in 1992 the main kind of activity of the company has been the production and sales of industrial bearings. In 2005 the CRAFT bearings company has changed its status, and became not only trading, but also the production enterprise. With the assistance of business partners we have invested financial means into productive automatic transfer lines for bearings manufacturing and assembly. The target regrouping has been made at the enterprise, by dividing into two separate spheres – the production and trade activities. This has helped to increase efficiency of the enterprise.

Shareholder’s meeting has made the decision to start the production of absolutely new product – hub bearings for commercial transport. As a result of fruitful seven-years work in this direction, and thanks to successes and significant increase of hub bearings sales volumes – it had been advisably to create the independent enterprise, which would be engaged only in production and sale of automobile group bearings.  Consequently CRAFT bearings LV has been created, the subsidiary of CRAFT bearings. The experience that has been saved up for the long period of work with automobile group bearings by professional employees team - engineers and managers who have been responsible for the automobile direction in CRAFT bearings has been put in the basis of new company.

Our aim is the delivery of qualitative products under affordable price. After check the finished goods are packed in qualitative tare, and transferred to export department, from where the goods are transported to our clients. At the disposal of the company there is well-developed logistics system. In different countries the company is represented by subsidiaries and trading partners- distributors. CRAFT products are delivered to the Baltic States, the CIS, Europe and other countries.

Besides retail trade Craft bearings have found application in many service centers, and also in large conveyer production lines, where our bearings for axes of produced cars are constantly delivered. The company gives particular attention to the expansion of the automobile bearings assortment, in particular bearings for heavy transport. The strict accounting of the remained commodity is made in the warehouse that allows to provide uninterrupted supply of hub bearings to all our clients. Production extends from the centralized warehouses, and thanks to the efficient logistics system our clients can receive necessary products precisely in time. In different countries the company is represented by subsidiaries and dealer centers.

Today CRAFT bearings LV emphasis the following types of production:

  • conic roller bearings;
  • repairing sets for hubs of commercial transport;
  • hub block-bearings;
  • bearings for transmissions.

Starting from 2012 we have launched the production of repairing sets for minibuses and wagons produced in Europe.

For rather small period of time our company has expanded its production range from 40 to more than 200 items. Relatively the sales volume also has increased.

Whatever changes occurred in commercial transport auto park, whatever novelties appeared in the market, "CRAFT-bearings LV" products will always correspond to the declared quality and meet modern requirements.